Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sunday Morning

Yesterday morning dawned hot and humid, right from the the outset. But being Saturday, I had to run. You see, my measly goal for the summer is to run two times a week for thirty minutes each. I cringe when I think of that goal and how just one summer ago, I was still running three times that long in one fell swoop. But the road to recovery has been longer than I anticipated, and at this point, I'll take what I can get. Which means being grateful for being able to run at least a half an hour at a time.

So I am grateful, and that's a great place to be on a Sunday morning.

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful attitude! I was a runner once. I cannot physically do it now, and it is the thing I miss the absolute most. But so many people don't understand the beauty in a nice long run. The freedom and clarity it could bring me. People look at me like I'm crazy when I tell them I miss it. As if it is the most ridiculous thing in the world to want.