Monday, July 20, 2015

Off the Wall

"I'm grateful my kid didn't make your blog," FRN texted me yesterday morning.

She had obviously read my Sunday post, where I spoke of being grateful. The incident she referred to was one that happened at my house on Friday afternoon. I had no intention of posting about said incident, until I received that text. I thought to myself, Well now...I must make sure her kid makes the blog. I'm just mean that way, I guess.

So here's the long and short of what really isn't much of an incident. Imagine this: FRN and her daughter, A, arrive. They lug their belongings into the house, and no more than 15 minutes later (okay, really, I don't know how long they were here, but it wasn't long), A decides to hang on our banister.

Hanging on the banister sounds like a great idea, except that our house was built in 1949, so that banister is pretty old. More importantly, I'm not sure the banister has ever been repaired or replaced. Which means it might very well have been a ticking time bomb of banisters. Because in the one hot second that followed A's attempt to dangle from the banister, the lower bracket snapped and the banister that used to be on the wall was now hanging off the wall.

You might be asking yourself how this exact scenario has never happened in a house with four children. That's a great question. The answer is that in our house we don't hang on the banister! And why not? Because we don't want the banister to fall off the wall.

Just to be upfront, the broken banister bracket didn't faze me in the least. I shrugged my shoulders and was grateful (yes, again) that A didn't get hurt. And Tim? He just removed both brackets and the banister itself so no one would get hurt. We'll be headed to Home Depot this week for a new bracket.

Moral of the story? Never tell me you're glad your kid didn't make the blog. And of course, don't hang on banisters.


T said...

Asshat. She didn't hang on the Bannister did she? I'm going off the grid now. Kiss her for me. :) we're heading out shortly.

T said...

And we're in a ranch. We don't dangle from bannisters eithe . :P

Christina said...

You walked into this one. Everyone's perspective is a little different, you know? :)

Have fun.

T said...