Monday, June 6, 2016

I'm Gonna Miss These Days

We haven't had a good old laugh around here in a while, especially when it comes to Melinaisms, because you know, as kids get older, they get less funny. (Don't believe me, just wait until your kids are beyond the age of 11.) Well, the other day, despite the fact that the kids have been out of school since May 19 (I know, can you believe that?), Melina decided to tell me about a story she heard at school.
Melina:  Ava told me--
Me: Ava your cousin?
Melina: No, Ava at school. She told me that Lauren wasn't at school one day because her brother tooted on her pillow and she slept on it and she didn't know and so the gases got into her eye and she got pink eye.
Me: Oh. Pink eye from the gas?
Melina: Yes.
She recounted that story with a completely straight face, as if she believed it. And I really think she did.


Penny said...

Nice fleece, M!

Anonymous said...

Too funny!