Sunday, June 19, 2016

Is This For You?

On this Father's Day, I thought I'd keep the post short and sweet. And no, I'm not posting a lovely poem or waxing poetic on my father or my husband as a father. Instead, I'm gleefully laughing at yet another trend. (Glitter beard, anyone?) But sadly, I'm a year behind on trends. (I'm sure you aren't surprised.) For in my quest to find something Father's Day related, I stumbled across this post from Bored Panda. On crochet shorts. For men (or women).

I borrowed a few photos from the article, but to get the full effect (and view the actual patterns) you really should jot on over there and check out the offerings.

Better yet, head over the Etsy shop that sells them, buy yourself a pair, and send me a photo!

(Happy Father's Day!)

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