Saturday, November 28, 2015

Captain's Log, Day 27

Is this getting tedious for you yet? It is for me. But I said I'd keep a log of my NaNoWriMo writing for the month of November, so buckle up for a few more days, will ya?

Yesterday I took some time to revise a short story I had written a long time ago. (Okay, not that long, but at least a year.) My writing group had looked at it, but I wasn't happy with the ending. Or the opening lines, for that matter. And I really don't know if it has potential. I'm certainly not wowed by it, but then again, I'm not wowed by this award winner, either. (I'm not going to apologize for that comment; writing is clearly a very subjective business.)

I also took some time to simply look around the internet for what was trending. What did I find? Glitter beards. Yes, I said glitter beards and included a picture from the site as well.
I'm not going to judge. I mean, I wear a striped fleece after all. But if Tim decides to do this with a beard he grows in the future, he can forget any smooches from me.


Anonymous said...

Glitter beards, that's brilliant!! So shiny... of course, I don't want one of those anywhere near me (I despise working with glitter because it just clings to you and refuses to leave).

sandra doninger said...

I thought the glitter beards were a joke when I saw them online. I think it's a joke about hipsters. Unsure if they are actually a thing.