Sunday, November 22, 2015

Captain's Log, Day 21

You wanna know how the 21st day went?

It was a lovely day, but not for writing. And that's okay. Because I did so many things today.
  1. I sat around a table at Panera and discussed Yo Mama jokes with Zoe, Talia, and Aaron. My favorite: Yo Mama so fat that when she goes to Sea World the whales start singing We Are Family. (I'm sorry. I don't normally comment on weight or think fat jokes are funny, but that's funny. No, I'm not sorry. It is really funny, and I'm laughing again just writing this.)
  2. Zoe, Talia, Aaron, Tim, and I all watched Melina in her last little acting class performance of the fall. 
  3. The whole family made the trek to the music store to see about exchanging the girls' violas for a larger size. We saw some really cool looking ukuleles and a very old harp.
  4. We then headed to Home Depot to look for a Christmas tree. We didn't find one, but we did find a few other goodies.
  5. Once at home, we had lunch and watched some football. 
  6. For dinner I made pizza and we watched Pixels. The movie was far-fetched, but I liked it anyway.  
Obviously, nothing to see here folks, so just move on. I'll have better things to say tomorrow.


Bethany House said...

It does sound like a good day to me... I always find goodies at Home Depot :)

T said...

Aco has the least expensive.

sandra doninger said...

We got Julian a Uke for his birthday and if you were are McCutcheon they are cool looking! Grab one next time!

Christina said...

Those ukes are awesome. Melina has a pink one, of course. Melina and Julian should get together and play!!