Thursday, November 19, 2015

Captain's Log, Day 18

You wanna know how the 18th day went?

I'll tell you.

It started off with me sitting behind a computer and getting a few words in this morning on the story I said I was done with for a while. Don't know why I can't leave that darn manuscript alone? Go read yesterday's post.

The day continued with a trip to the vet so that qualified personnel could check Shadow's eye. Yes, Shadow might have recovered very nicely from a splenectomy, but he hasn't recovered so well from an ulcerated cornea. Wondering what that is? Check this out:
That's probably a human eye (I'd have to ask John L. Bezzant,M.D.--the man whose credits were on the photo), so Shadow's issue doesn't look exactly like that, but WOW, right? I know.

After that, I ran into Kroger to get some fruit, ate some lunch, did some exercise, washed and folded laundry, answered a few school emails and finally, sat my rump back down in the chair. A number of words later (1460, to be exact) and I found myself having to get ready for the rugrats to come home.

Not a bad day, I'd say. But I'm not sure yet I want to do this again next year. I'll let you know on December 1.

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