Wednesday, November 11, 2015

NaNoWriMo Stats

Here's how the writing is looking on a per day basis.  Our writer is well above the average number of words per day to reach the goal of 50,000 by the end of the month.

Cumulatively, she's doing well.  A cubic fit (not shown in this graph) to the cumulative words written curve puts her on track to hit 50,000 on November 20.


Bethany House said...

Graphs and charts and math... this just may be one of my favorite posts ever ;)

Christina said...

Tim was so proud when he came home and showed me. I said, "You know, the NaNoWriMo website provides charts and such, sort of like these." He said, "I can do more than they can," and then showed at least one of the kids some fun stuff. I'm just glad he posted. We haven't seen anything by him in a long time.

Bethany House said...

Yeah, the second chart is just like the one on the NaNo site, but I really like that first one! All the ups and downs show how different each day can be, and you haven't even come close to being below the suggested word/day to finish on time... you're doing great!

But really, I just like chart... I seriously contemplated how I could make one for myself, and how much time it might take me. Sadly, I don't have time for such things this month :(