Sunday, November 29, 2015

Captain's Log, Day 28

I am so, so glad this month is almost over. You'd think posting easy posts like those I've been putting together this month would be welcome. They are so not! I don't like focusing on how much I've written (or not) and I don't like that my posts lack merit and wit. (I know, stop laughing. My posts rarely have either.) And some days, like today, just frustrate me because...

Yes, as you can see, if I had written just 35 more words on The Chocolate Garden yesterday, I'd be sitting at 61,000 words for the month (a nice round number).

But I couldn't. I just couldn't. (Which is silly, really, because this post is longer than 35 words.) I guess I have my goal set for tomorrow.

And tomorrow reminds me that we're one day closer back to the old grind. The break has been a pleasant one, to say the least. I hope you've enjoyed your little holiday as well.

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