Friday, June 3, 2016

Stick a Fork in Me

A time arrives in everyone's life where they feel the need to utter, "That's enough." Or maybe, they have the compulsion to yell those words at the top of their lungs but they've been trained throughout their lives to act like a lady or gentleman so they don't yell anything out but instead, they sit down to the computer and place their fingers onto the letters and what comes out is not "That's enough," but something similar to a very bad expletive...

As in, F%^* it, I'm done.

That's where I am today.


Done with our so-called ups and downs of weather. (It is technically late spring now, you know, practically summer, and I'm ready for sun to stick with us. In the sun's defense, it has been out all week.) Done with the viruses. Done with the kids who must stay home on the couch (Melina has a cold. I can't tell you how many viruses she's had this year alone). Done with the vomit bug that gripped our house a few months ago. Done with the little germs that think it's funny to knock us out when we'd already been knocked down. Done with the folks who continually tell me how great their children are. Done with politics (yes, I mean you, Mr. Trump). (You know already I want to be done with teaching.) Done with acquaintances who can't seem to bother and answer my texts or emails. Done with "friends" who never follow up on possible dates. Done with spacey editors and agents who give no response.


Sadly, I've let this attitude of doneness get to me in a way that hasn't in a very long time and I really have to wonder about myself. What else am I done with?

Am I done with writing?
Am I done with reading?
Am I done with White Collar? (I made it through two full seasons while I was sick in May.)
Am I done being me?

Please don't take this post as a litany of complaints akin to whining. That's not something I'm doing, because I am relatively healthy and happy and I have a fantastic family. I'm just stating where I am at the moment, and usually, when I do that, I can find my creative energy and push that angst (as my twins would call it), into a more positive place.

And so, I shall try.

Right after I give myself a swift kick in the bum, and post an inspirational picture. (I like to mix the positive with the negative, you know.)


Anonymous said...

I agree... that time comes to us all. And a good rant is needed every now and again. I made a pact with a friend in high school that we could rant to each other once about anything. Big. Small. No reason. Whatever was bugging us, we got one rant and the other person had to just calmly listen. After that we couldn't bring it up again because than it would just be complaining... and that never solves anything, just keeps you in a negative mood. This arrangement helped more than I thought it would. Being able to just spout out whatever I needed too. It was surprising how often just getting something out of my head and heard by someone else helped, even though they had no plans to do anything about it. I swear, most of life's annoyances don't need a big fix... just a decent rant.

Christina said...

Yes! You are so right. I might steal that idea from you, if you don't mind.

Anonymous said...

I am whatever is the opposite of minding. Steal away, those are the kind of ideas that should be shared for all who can find them beneficial.