Monday, June 27, 2016

Making Things Happen

I wonder sometimes about our ability, as humans, to accomplish tasks. I'm certain I've spoken about this before, but the topic comes to light in my mind because I'm working on a project this summer. One that has deadlines imposed by me and a friend (we're working together). And while I know how difficult it is to get everything done at home and at work, I have to try each week to uphold my end of the bargain and get my work done. (As does my friend, and she's doing a great job.)

What I find, though, is that not everyone else works that way, and I'm not sure why. Sure, I know we're all different and motivated by different things, but if I have a date on my calendar circled in red, indicating that I need to be somewhere or something needs to be done by that date, you can bet your last dollar I'll do my best to get the task finished.

So I'm asking myself, and you, what motivates you to follow through with a task? Think carefully about that statement because if you figure out what it is that motivates you, it will help you accomplish all the items you want to in a day, and then (AND THEN!) that dream you're working on? It can become a reality.

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