Friday, September 9, 2016

The Friday Five

Dear Blog Readers,

Today marks the end of week three for my classes. Yes, I have three weeks in the books and only thirteen more to go, but who's counting, right? (I am, and you know it.) And here we are, on a Friday in early September, on my day off, and I should consider doing something fun today. Perhaps I will, because nothing else this week was much fun.

I stayed after class to help a student out who needed it. I sped through Aldi so quickly, the lady behind me in line (who had seen me first in the dairy section, then in produce, and finally at the cashier) told me I was "on point." I substituted aerobics for running on Wednesday because I only had 25 minutes to exercise. I lost it in class when my students couldn't tell me what gap junctions were for (soon to be a Dear Student letter). I laughed so hard, I almost wet my pants.

I guess that last tidbit could be considered somewhat fun, but not really, considering if I had wet my pants, I would just have more laundry to do, and therefore more work, and that leads to less fun. Are you with me?

What did you do this week?


S.B. House said...

What a week you've had. Sorry you missed out on a run, aerobics is no substitute for the open road :(

My week: I've avoided the library because I keep forgetting to get cash to pay my late fines (which have racked up despite living in an apartment with a view of the library from my office window). On Monday I stepped on the scale and saw a number over 200 so I decided it's time to cut some sugar out of my diet and lose a few pounds. I picked up some Slim Fast shakes because they make packing a lunch incredibly easy, and everyone who has seen me drink one has given me concerned eyes and a little encouraging speech about how I don't need to lose weight as if I'm some teenager with self-esteem issues. Wednesday, I stayed in a shop 15 min. past the time I had on my parking meter and got a ticket. And I may have just gotten myself a job helping a friend expand her business from a small coffee bar to a two room cafe with used books; which sounds fun, but I haven't done more than have a few volunteer hours of work/week since I was in the army over a decade ago... so I'm panicking a little about taking on something this big.

Christina said...

That's quite a Friday Five for you!!! Don't have a true passion for books and your friend has confidence in you. So think of the new gig as a brand new adventure. Sorry about the ticket.

I know another person who did the same as you: stepped on that scale, saw a number she had never seen, and then decided she didn't want to see that number again. The small changes she made brought about a difference. She said--and I've always believed this as well--it wasn't really the number that was the problem. It was the way she felt at that number. Had she felt healthy and happy, she wouldn't have changed. Maybe that's part of how you feel?

Enjoy your weekend!

S.B. House said...

You're right, the number is not the problem. I was 160/170 in the army and until my arthritis began. The inactivity brought my weight up to 170/180. My metabolism slowing when I turned 30 brought that up to 190ish. I've been fine with all that. But 200 lbs. is because I've been binge eating sugary foods to comfort my emotions. That is what I'm not okay with.