Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Bleary Eyes

I'm sitting here in front of my computer, a little bleary-eyed, because in my haste to get downstairs this morning before the whining of the cat drove me to reach for alcohol instead of my coffee, I grabbed Aaron's glasses. His eyes are slightly worse than mine, but not by much, I now realize. So I'm going to try and work with the specs because if I go back upstairs to find my own, one animal or another will likely follow me, cause a scene (much like toddlers do), and then the child who coughed her way through last night will be woken up far too early. Ah, what we do for our children.

What good can come from me wearing someone else's glasses? I'll  tell you what: I found a new frame.

Any of you who wear glasses know how hard it is to find the right frame for your face. I had a pair of glasses that I loved so much I bought the frame in red and black and then alternated getting new lenses in each of those frames when I needed a new prescription. Last year, though, our optician said,"Uh, you need new frames. I've been filling these frames since you've been coming here." She told me that gently, but inside, I cringed. I loved those frames. What could I find to replace them?

I decided to go with something bigger and a little more fun, but in the end, I found myself thinking of my old frames and longing to wear them. Over the last year, I've learned to ignore the purple plastic that rests on my nose, but I have to tell you: now that I've put on Aaron's frames, I think the next time insurance will pay for a new pair for me, I'm going to see if they have a pair just like these. I'm including a photo so I  remember what they look like, in the event Aaron has moved on from this pair by then.

Nothing fancy, but I like them.

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