Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Nerve

I'm the type of person who looks behind me when I'm standing in line at the grocery store and offers to let the person behind me go ahead of me if they only have a few items. I do this regularly, and many times, people have thanked me profusely for allowing them to step in front of me. I don't mind, really. I think it is the right thing to do, and for the most part, I remember to glance back each and every time I go to the store.

This past Sunday, I was at Aldi and had just pushed my filled cart into the line. Of course, two seconds later, I looked behind me. There stood a woman in a red coat with about five things in her hands.
Me: Do you want to go ahead of me?
Red Coat: Oh, thank you, but no. I'm in no rush today.
Me: Are you sure? [I had to ask one more time. It would make me feel as though I'd done everything I could do to make her go ahead of me.]
Red Coat: I'm sure, but again, thank you.
I proceeded to unload my items onto the belt as another woman, clothed in a purple vest, stepped in line behind the woman to whom I'd just spoken. They got to chatting, and because I speak to everyone at the grocery store, I also added my two cents. As my groceries began to move forward, the woman in the purple vest looked directly at me.
Purple Vest: "You know, she [pointing to Red Coat] only has a few items. You should let her go ahead of you."
Me: I offered to let her go, but she said no.
Red Coat: Oh, she already offered, but I said no. I really am in no rush.
Purple Vest: Well, okay.
I felt like I should have said more to the lady in the purple vest, but I was flabbergasted by her comment. While I truly think everyone should check behind them to see if someone only has a few items to buy, I cannot possibly fathom telling someone to do that. Can you?

When I came home and relayed the story to Tim, he said, "Huh. She sure had some nerve." Yes, I think that's the best way to describe what I felt about her too. I'd love to see what she does when a conversation turns to politics.

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