Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Books on a Nook

I am the proud owner of a Nook.

Yes, I'm finally getting around to being a part of the 21st century. I still don't have a Smartphone, but who knows, one of those might be right around the corner.

Anyway, some lovely friends gave me a Nook for my birthday, and I've been having fun trying to figure out how the device works. Fun is a euphemism here for an ass of a time, pardon my language.
Day 1: Crap. I'm going to take this back. Who needs this anyway? I love the feel of a real book.
Day 2: I appreciate their sentiments, but how much time do I have to spend on this to figure it out?
Day 3: I can do this. A Nook can't possibly be that difficult. You buy a book, download it, and read it.
Day 4: Success! I can read the book.
Day 5: Oh, I can borrow from the library...
Day 6: Crap. I'm going to take this back. Who needs this anyway? I love the feel of a real book.
Day 7: I can see the library books on the Nook, but I can't read them.
Day 8: Timmy! The internet is a wonderful thing! I looked up "Why can't I read my library book on a Nook?" and a post from 2011 told me everything I needed to know about how to borrow from the library.
I expected Tim to say Welcome to 2013 or some other snarky comment. He politely refrained.

So here I am, still reading paper copies but also enjoying the ability to take a book with me without the bulk. Of course, other issues do crop up. Like last night, when I guess my finger grazed one of the chapters in the middle of a book I'd just downloaded. It took me a while to figure out why the beginning of this book really seemed like the end.

Thank goodness for the page numbers. I'll remember to look closely at them from  now on.

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Kelsey said...

Have we discussed this? I wonder what kind of Nook it is?

I got a Kindle Paperwhite for Mother's Day and I'm a little embarrassed by how much I love it...

I will be interested to hear how your relationship with your Nook changes over time! :-)