Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Burned muffins, I got my first rejection letter!

And I'm fine with it.

In the event you think I'm sobbing over here, I am not. Rejection is part and parcel of the whole writing gig and of life for that matter. While I would have appreciated a little more in terms of why the agent didn't want my manuscript, it wasn't given. In this case, I received a form letter from a person named Whitney who probably was pulled from the clerical pool to send out rejection emails.

The silver lining in all of this? The mere reception of a rejection letter, one that I highly anticipated, has made me think that after all is said and done, if I've filled my rejection folder to the brim, that maybe, just maybe, I will try to self-publish my story. That's a long time off; I have plans to inundate many more agents before I jump ship.

As usual, I'll keep you posted.

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