Monday, September 2, 2013


On this day a year ago, I didn't have much to say.

I shouted out  a quick Happy Anniversary to Timmy, and that was that. As I often say, we've had wedded bliss: not all the years have been blissful, but we have been wedded for them all.

But if I say that, it sounds like I could take or leave marriage, and that isn't true. The day I found Timmy crawling out of the sand was the day my life was changed forever. Over the course of our 15 years together (13 of them married), I've gone from an insecure graduate student (who runs) to a confident professional mom (who runs). I've changed from  wanting to run a lab, to wanting to teach, to wanting to be a writer. My hair color has changed, I've gained and lost weight, I've become more extroverted in some ways and introverted in others. And this man has ridden the roller coaster, possibly holding on for the ride with white knuckles. (I don't really know, but I can imagine.)

Not once has Timmy ever said I can't do what I need to do; he's never laughed at my dreams or even called me fickle. You want to do it? he says. Then go ahead. It doesn't matter what the it is. He believes in me probably more than I believe in myself, and more importantly, he always has. From the moment I introduced myself to him.

So thank you, Timmy. For being you, for finding the me that I'm supposed to be, for supporting the amorphous mass that sometimes I am, and for believing in us. Happy Anniversary!

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