Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Simple Errors

Melina decided she wanted to see the kitchen today. It is a fine day for that...the drywall is drying and the guys aren't scheduled to be here until tomorrow. So past the zippered plastic we crept. We looked around at the dust on the floor, and marveled at the space. Cool, so cool, to see rooms when they are bare.

 But then, I noticed a problem. As I stood before the wall with the window, something didn't seem right. Since there is nothing on the wall, it shouldn't be an issue. So I looked up, and was slammed with a very simple error that up until now, no one had caught. In fact, I posted a picture of the kitchen a few days ago, and no one found the problem. I'm putting it here again. Can you see what the error is?

Of course, you don't know what the plan for this kitchen is. But I do, as does the contractor, as should the crews that work for the contractor. And most of the time, when you do something that revolves around a sink, which would be beneath the window, you want symmetry. Well, if we look at the soffit, you can see that symmetry was not kept. On the right, we have a 45° angle under which an upper corner cabinet would fit. On the left, we have a 90° angle. My upper corner cabinet will not fit there.

As always, there is a lesson to be learned from this. Something that will apply directly to my kids, who have trouble with this same habit: double check everything. If the guys who installed the wood to create the soffit had double-checked; if the guys who installed the drywall had double checked; heck, if the contractor had come out and inspected the work each night, that would have been a double-check, and we'd be on our way forward, instead of stepping back.

I'm just glad I caught this now, before they painted, before they put in the floor, before they got to putting up the cabinets.

I wonder if they'll give me a slight discount. A girl can dream, can't she?

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