Saturday, September 14, 2013

Kitchen Pictures II

Last post, I forgot to add a picture of the bathroom before demolition. I placed that one at the top:

 The first three below are of the kitchen. Our sink was in front of the window. You can still see the plumbing. The blue color was the color we had on the walls when we first moved in. It was a nice color, but because the cabinets were light, there was little contrast. Hence the red color of the walls.

Here is a picture of where the secretary's desk stood. Apparently it needed to be moved, since it was against code even being there. The rectangle at the top is a lovely shade of green, the color that must have been on the walls when prior residents put up the cabinets. I'd like a darker green for my kitchen.

Here you can see the green again. This is the wall where the new refrigerator will go. We are all very excited about being able to open the doors of the refrigerator all the way and not hit the wall! (It's the little things, people!)

The last two pictures here are of the bathroom. Behind the big wall mirror, the guys found what looks to be a former medicine cabinet. The smaller holes were where soap holders were placed. (Who knows how long ago those were put in!) Now the construction team has a lot of wall work to do.

Look at the wallpaper that was once on the walls: pink and blue flowers!


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