Sunday, September 15, 2013

Religious Education

Today, I became a religious educator. I guess I've always been that in some fashion to the kids, but this year, I am actually sitting down on Sunday nights to preach some catechism to Zoe, Talia, Aaron, and two neighbor kids. If I like it, and the kids like it, I might open it up to some other families. We'll see where it goes.

For tonight, I didn't have much planned. We looked at the textbooks, talked a bit about how to find Bible passages, and a little more about prayer. What prayers could the kids name? What prayers had they heard of but couldn't name? Did they pray at all? By the end of the night, I admitted that I had some homework for them. The assignment: to write a prayer.

And here is one that Zoe found online. She plans on writing her own, more serious prayer, but I like creativity of whomever wrote this little gem, so here we go:

The Whovian Prayer

Our time Lord, who art in Tardis,
The Doctor be thy name.
The Silence comes and demons run
On earth as it was in Galifrey.
Save us this day from the weeping angels
And prevent Cybermen from  upgrading all of us,
As we prevent Sontarans from conquering the planet.
Lead us not into the Vashta Nerada
But deliver us from Daleks.
For mine is the Tardis, the bow ties, and Fezzes.
Forever and ever,

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