Thursday, September 5, 2013

Headlines That Don't Make Me Think

Every once in a while I see a headline (or two) that causes me to chuckle and say, Are you kidding? Do we really need to ask that? There are others that I wonder how, if research is involved, the study ever got funded. Really.

This is what I've found recently:

Nonprofits Are Growing. What Is It They Do? (It is a good question, I guess.)

Is Your Job Killing Your Sleep? (No brainer here.)

Humans Do Blush in the Dark, German Scientists Reveal (Seriously? Someone studied this? And someone doubted it? Apparently the researchers never thought about all the people reading 50 Shades only by the light of their Kindles.)

Why You Shouldn't Wear Crocs, Even Secretly (No kidding.)

And my favorite:

Heavy Drinking Hurts Your Ability to Read Social Cues, Study Finds (Duh. Double duh!)

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