Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Holiday Cards

It's almost that time of the year where people being putting together holiday cards and sending out long notices of how the year went for them. With the cost of stamps, the number of cards we get each year has dwindled, and since I'm not the best person to send cards (we've had this conversation before), they don't always get out. This year, will I be sending cards? I'm not sure. Instead, I might be sending personalized emails.

I hear you, FRN, laughing in your chair. But I'm serious. I can do so much more with a personalized email than I can with pen and card right now. I'm so busy with everything, as we all are, that finding the time to choose a card, write the card, and get the stamps...well...none of that is likely to happen. However, getting up and sending out an email or two or three each day CAN occur; it's part of my life now.

Would I be starting a trend? Should I try it? I guess as long as I have the email addresses, why not. I think everyone would understand, don't you?

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