Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Wii Conversations

I caved. I told Tim that I thought it would be okay to get a Wii. In my head, when I told Tim that, I had visions of the kids doing something more active than Minecraft. Like Wii bowling or skiing or even cow racing. We don't have those games yet, but we do at least have the controllers so that all the kids can have a hand in their Super Mario game that came with the Wii. (They are standing and moving, slightly, so for right now, it is somewhat more active than Minecraft.)

It's vacation, so after breakfast, I said, "Sure you can play. But you all play, or you don't play at all."

So far, this is what I've heard from the family room:
  • Wait, I need that other flower!
  • Yellow toad! Who is yellow toad???
  • I'm going to be in a bubble. Pop me, please.
  • Go. Go. GO! and then Don't go so fast!
  • A collective NO! and then We were so close.
  • Stop, you're killing Melina!
And the best one of all (next to that last one) since it teaches a lesson:
  • We have to cooperate. To do it together.


Penny said...

That last one, makes it all worth it.

Christina said...

Sure does!

Kelsey said...

Could you please hide a device to video record some of that action? I bet it would be fun to watch them interact.