Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The One About the Keys

I was born responsible. And logical. And trustworthy, full of common sense, competent. However you want to say it, with life's day to day events, I can get it done. (I would not use those words when it comes to me and say, Differential Equations, or Analytical Chemistry, or Latin, to name a few subjects that probably confound me.) So you know where this post is going, don't you? Well, let me recount a little story, exactly as it happened.

Yesterday, 4 pm.

I had just gotten back from picking Aaron up from piano. I collected my things from the car and looked at my purse, which sat in the bin between the two front seats. You should get that, I thought. But then I second guessed myself. Nah, leave it there. You need to drive to library tomorrow morning. And it's completely safe in the car. I paused, but then said to myself, Your extra key to the car is still in your purse, though. What if you lose your keys?


I should have listened to myself. Instead, I thought that I had my keys in hand, so I'd be okay.


Today, 8:15 am.

Tim left early to get to a meeting, one at which I would not be able to contact him because I didn't know where on earth he actually was, but I knew he wasn't at his usual work building. Aaron and Melina had already gotten on the bus, and I was getting the girls and myself ready. I wanted to leave to do a few errands before I had to be at the elementary school library. So, we'd all practically be leaving together.
Z: Mom, have you seen my gloves?
Me: They should be upstairs in the basket or in the orange bins.
Z: They aren't upstairs.
Me: Okay (I start to rifle through the orange bins), well did you  look in here?
Z: Yes.
And this is where it gets really good.
Me: Well, if you just put things back where they belong, you wouldn't lose anything! You and your dad need to learn that lesson. That's why I usually put things back in their places. I don't waste as much time looking for things because I know where they are.

I kissed the girls goodbye and watched them pile into Kelley's car. I locked the front door and went to get my keys. Which were not in either of the places that I usually leave them. And of course, my purse is locked in the car with the extra set of keys.

I'll shorten this lovely tale (and tell you to stop laughing at me). I called the school and told them I might not be there. I called my auto insurance guy who told me I had two options: call the police and they will come (free of charge) to help; or call the insurance company and they have free roadside assistance, too. I opted for the police, knowing that in this sleepy little town (and the fact that last week, I had spoken to a policeman on our street who said that not much usually happens around here, thank goodness) they might not be too busy. The police came and successfully opened my car door. I thanked them for their kindness and waved them off so that they could go do more important things with their day.

As an aside, one of the officers was the same one that attended the vehicle crash I was in this past August. He said, "Oh yes, I remember you. You're the one with the van and all those kids."

Yep, that's me. With all those kids, is it any wonder why I don't know where my keys are?

As another aside, I made it to the library with ten minutes to spare and then even got to the store for the few things I needed. Next up, I'm going for a run. I think I deserve it.

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