Wednesday, May 21, 2014


121. Open doors. (This can be metaphorical or literal, whichever way you'd prefer to look at it. In my current frame of mind, after having heard a resounding NO from the agent to whom I pitched, I'm thinking that I'll take the literal use of the word.)
122. The crinkle of 1000 thread count sheets.
123. The feel of sweat as it trickles down your back after a good, hard run.
123. Flowering heads of bevans geraniums.
124. Ruthann, Cindy, Traci, and Jen.
125. A hum of creative energy that courses through the body with every blog post (regardless of how cheesy or mundane the post may be).
126. The smell of barbeque (emphasis on smell).
127. Unconditional love.
128. Correct grammar usage (I don't claim to always speak or write correctly, though.).
129. Daisies.
130. Portmanteaus that appear out of nowhere, like anomelty (anomaly and novelty).

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