Monday, May 26, 2014

This Hand

Is it stealing?
Is it not?
I sit here, scratching my head at the name.
Something that seems so similar
to the one put together by my pal,
my friend, my sister, so to speak.
What constitutes intellectual property?
Does anyone know?
Can anyone explain?
Of course, I know what the definition is,
and really we never had anything copyrighted.
But by golly,
it's not right.
You don't walk up to someone and say,
Hey, I like what you said.
And I think we'll take that and run with it
and come up with something quite like yours,
so much that you can't help but notice
At least I wouldn't do that.
Because you don't want to bite the hand
that feeds you now, do you?
Well this hand
and the hands of my sisters,
might not be feeding you any longer.

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