Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Naked Dinner Party

This is the story of how naked came to dinner, which, as you can imagine, is just another night in our slightly crazy household.

"Argh," Talia said, as her baked beans fell from her spoon, onto her capri pants. "I spilled my beans. Onto my pants." She quickly picked up the errant beans with her fingers, popped them into her mouth, and shot me a sheepish glance.

I looked at her. I could feel the daggers shooting from my eyes so I tried to rein them in. But the thought of doing more laundry practically made me gag. I'd just done some "spring cleaning," which included washing everything in everyone's bedrooms, even the drapes. 

I swallowed my food and put down my fork. "You know, I just did all that laundry. For crying out loud, I'm going to ask you all to eat dinner naked from now on."

The words had barely left my lips when Aaron's eyes opened up real wide. "Oh really? Okay then."

Within seconds, Aaron and Melina had stripped off their clothes, placed their naked rumps back on their seats, and picked up their hot dogs. Those two beasts ate the rest of their dinner completely in the buff. And of course, they dropped nothing.

Aaron stood up from the table at one point and sort of shook his parts out. The girls turned their heads away and rolled their eyes, twittering to themselves.

"Speaking of hot dogs..." I said.


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He's gonna get back at me someday, I just know it!