Friday, May 16, 2014

Curb Alert Etiquette

Craigslist is awesome. Except when it's not.

We've used Craigslist multiple times in the past, and we've never had problems. We've sold things, and we've marked items as free. So either the internet trolls have become stupid, or we've just been lucky up until now. In either case, when someone posts a CURB ALERT under the FREE section of Craigslist, complete with the ADDRESS at which the household furnishings can be found, please do not do either of the following:

1. Ask how much that person is charging.
2. Ask what the address of the house is.

If you live far away and don't want to come all the way out to see if the items are still available, you can contact me. If you live far away and aren't sure of the dimensions, you can contact me. But otherwise, it's a CURB ALERT, dammit. The stuff is FREE. Even if you're not sure you can use it because it might not be exactly as you expected, you might be able to SELL it on Craigslist. Just take it away from my curb, without disrupting my life.

Thank you.

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