Friday, May 9, 2014

Doing Things Right

Have you seen the headlines? The "You're Doing It Wrong" headlines? Like the one the other day, "7 Ways You're Doing Laundry Wrong" on the Huffington Post? And there's a whole series on Slate, not to mention a humorous website.That last one is a comedy of errors: go to the site, view the pictures, and realize just how much common sense you might actually have.

But the other articles, especially those published at Slate, are meant to tell you how to do things correctly. In the laundry article, we learn many things: about dark clothes, white jeans, kids clothes, and multiple other mistakes that happen every time we do laundry. With Slate's series, we can learn how to correctly wrap a burrito, how to make chocolate chip cookies, what ingredient is missing from your not-so-fabulous (even if you think they are) homemade bagels, that you should add potato to your cinnamon rolls (I'm going to try that recipe, I have to say), and that pie dough shouldn't be as scary as it is.

As much as I can appreciate the underlying sentiment of these articles, it is the title of the series or the title of the article itself with which I have problems.

You're Doing It Wrong.

Who wants to be told this on a daily basis? If you're partner were to wake up in the morning and sneak up behind you and say, "Hey babe, those pancakes you're're doing it wrong," I just bet one of the pancakes would find its way onto the nose of said partner.

My problem? I'm tired of having everyone tell me what I'm doing wrong. We're drowning ourselves in a sea of negativity, aren't we? How about telling us what we're doing right? I don't know about you, but on a Friday evening, after a long week of no writing, lots of parenting, and very little sleep, I'd rather bathe in a pool of positivity.


Tanstaafl said...

You're definitely raising the kids the right way. All 5 of them. ;)

Christina said...

Thank you!