Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Thank You, Facebook Friend

I've only been awake for 22 minutes, but already, I've learned something today...

Morning being my only silent time, I usually creep down the stairs, grab some cereal and coffee, and pull up my email and Facebook accounts. Thankfully, I had zero email messages that needed attention, so I quickly switched to see what was happening over at Facebook. Not a whole lot there (is there ever?), but I did have one notification. I clicked on the little blue globe, and noticed that an aquaintance had commented on my post.

Now, let me be very clear when I say that I don't know this person well. She seems lovely and kind and overall a great person, but I only know her from the kids' school. She sent a friend request back in May and I accepted it. But you know how my life has gone since then...I've been incommunicado for the most part and I haven't had much time to sit down and immerse myself in the Facebook lives of anyone.

So on Sunday, I realized that this person had gotten married on Saturday. I checked out her pictures, which were wonderful. The weather had been perfect, and she and her groom and the kids all looked fabulous. Apparently, I hadn't really noticed the lead-up to the event, but as I said, I also haven't been trolling Facebook that much. However, I couldn't let a momentous occasion such as marriage go without at least a small acknowledgment.

"I'm a little behind on FB these days." I wrote to her. "Congrats! You looked gorgeous. Happiness all around for you and Andy and your family!"

When I saw that she had commented, I thought I'd find a quick, "Thank you! The weather was perfect!"

But no. This is what I found instead. "Aww thank you so much Christina!! Good luck with new baby."

Yes, I learned that I had a new baby. WTH?!?

I glanced around the room, convinced I'd misplaced a fifth child. I even checked my Facebook profile to see if anything I had posted would have led her to believe that I had, indeed, a new baby in my life. No child in sight. No indications. (My best guess? She got me confused with someone else.)

I'm not writing this post to judge this person or complain that she should have known anything about me. She has no obligation to know me and my life, AND she apparently had been planning a wedding! Quite frankly (ahem, Tara and Gina) I'm not sure we could pick each other out of a lineup. I'm simply here telling you that she gave me one of the best laughs I've had in a long time that didn't have to do with the words demented, dementia, or f%^k. And that's the most anyone's been able to do for me for a very long time. So thank you, Facebook friend. Thank you.


Unknown said...

hahahaha! thanks for that laugh!

Christina said...

You're welcome. Happy day after your birthday!

T said...

Maybe she was seeing things in her cherries and eggs.