Sunday, August 23, 2015

Hair Behavior

On Friday, I subbed for my second time, but my first time for a music teacher. I admit, I'm no music teacher, but I can do almost anything for a half day. I stood my ground against two classes of second graders and a class of first graders, even when technology let me down. (The iPod didn't work properly, so we had to take out the drums and talk about beats instead of listening to and singing Ready to Learn. Yes, there really is a song called Ready to Learn.)

The funniest part of my day came when the first graders--my last class--strolled in and I introduced myself. But before I get to what occurred after that, I need to give you a tiny bit of what happened in the morning, before I actually went to school.

I usually shower and shampoo in the evening and clip my hair on top of my head when I sleep. This routine simply helps keep the hair more manageable the next day. Not sure how or when I discovered the trick, but I still do it. Every single night. Well Friday morning, I woke up and my hair didn't actually look that bad. It was still clipped and hung down my back pretty calmly, at least I thought so. But I hadn't even brushed it that morning, so I asked Tim, "Hey. I have to sub. Does my hair look okay?" In characteristic Tim fashion he replied, "Uh, yeah. What's wrong with it?"

Fast forward to when the first graders come in. A cute little guy in a green T-shirt and big smile sits down in front of me. I introduce myself and tell them I'll be the sub.
Little guy: What do you normally do?
Me: I teach at the community college.
Little guy: What do you teach?
Me: What do you think I teach?
Little guy: [Places hands on top of his head and eyes grow wide.] I think you teach science.
Me: Wow! I am a science teacher. How did you guess that?
Little guy: [Eyes even bigger and enormous smile on his face...] Because you have crazy hair!
I didn't have my skunk stripe in, and I didn't really think that morning that the hair was all that crazy. In fact, if I had to do it again, I'd stop and ask the little guy exactly what was so crazy about my hair. But he gave me such a good laugh, I had to share it with you folks.

I'm hoping to see that first grader again. At that point, I'll get to the bottom of his comment and find out what exactly he meant by crazy hair.

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