Monday, August 24, 2015

Sweet Relief

Early Saturday morning in our house went a little like this:
Aaron: Mom, I need to tell you something...
Me: Okay. Tell me.
Aaron: I've figured something out. I think there are kids who have electrical powers. They can zap people. There are seventeen of them. They've been captured.
Me: Uh... [Sweet bacon crackers, what is wrong with this kid?]
Aaron: And now, there are fifteen.
Me: [He's worse than I thought...] What did you figure this out for?
Aaron: Oh, this book I'm reading.
If you know anything about Aaron, you'll know that for a moment I was more than a bit worried. He has quite the active imagination (all the kids do, really). I could easily have seen him go on about how he really thought kids have electrical powers. He would have backed his statement up with convincing evidence, too. But alas, he was speaking about the first book in the Michael Vey series. What a relief.


Unknown said...

funny! I will have to mention this book to Saba - he just might like it too!

Anonymous said...

Haha, sweet bacon crackers... I'm going to have to start using that one!

Unknown said...

Fifth book in that series is out Sept. 15. Had what felt like a million 7th grade boys ask me for it today!