Monday, August 31, 2015

Reasons 161-170

161. Fragrant peach sangria.
162. Cards Against Humanity.
163. Laughing so hard tears stream down your face and you almost wet your pants.
164. Peggy, Nikki, Yiota, Tara, Kelsey, Penny, Barbara, Megan, Sandra, Gine
165. Chocolate Mousse Cake made by a friend.
166. Reading aloud The Tale of Despereaux.
167. From-scratch chocolate frosting.
168. Writing with a roller-ball pen.
169. The creaking of the spine of a brand-new journal.
170. The sweet bloom of raspberry sorbet against my taste buds.


Anonymous said...

Ooo, love 169! Brand-new journals always hold such infinite possibility :)

Christina said...

I had a feeling you'd like that one!