Monday, August 17, 2015


(She asks for a rebuttal,
and yet, she should know better.
Because if there's something Tara knows about me,
it's that I have words at the ready.
Good or bad,
asshat or not,
when she throws the challenge
I'll be there to accept it.
The question is,
What should I say?
What do you need to know
about that spider?
I can think of so many ways
to fill this page.
Word upon word of description,
nonsense, filler. 
But I am the one who reports the truth.
In as few words as possible.
Gina might have brushed off the beast
onto the concrete and crushed it of all life,
but there was no need.)
The only thing you need to know is:

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T said...

Itsy bitsy my ass.