Thursday, August 27, 2015

Second Grade Substitute

Twenty-four second graders vs. Mrs. C. And who won? Some of you know already who won.

I did. (Nanna-nanna-boo-boo!) But my victory came with a price: my sanity.

I never really thought that anyone listened more poorly than Aaron does, but what I found out yesterday is that by some stroke of dumb luck (or by design, you pick), Mr. B. placed 24 even worse listeners into one classroom. Yes, my friends, these little hellions had no care in the world for anything I had to say.

Excuse me? I'd say. Nothing.

Friends? I'd say. Nothing.

Eyes on me and ears open? I'd say. Nothing.

Do you treat your own teacher this way? I'd say. Well yes.

At least they were honest. At least they let their colors shine. At least they felt they could be themselves with me around.

Themselves my ass. I almost blurted out a few expletives at one point, but then it was time to take them to art and I had one hour of blissful peace to myself.

I always said I could do anything for one day. And I did. But I'm not sure I'll be heading back to that room anytime soon. Poor Miss J. I'll be drinking one tonight in her honor. Cheers!


Anonymous said...

Wow... second grade, that's impressive. I'm not brave enough to put one toe into a room with that many small children!

T said...

I'm with Bethany. But I'll go a step further... you're a dumbass xoxo

Unknown said...

Ha! No matter how good a day it had been, I always felt a little like I'd been run over by a truck at the end of a day with my first graders. The area I always avoided as a sub was art - I can't take that number of children + craft supplies.