Monday, September 21, 2015

Character Sketch

My writing group informed me the other night that my character, Theo, needed to be fleshed out. He's not a POV character, but he's an integral part to one of my stories. The ladies only told me what I had already suspected, but I'm so glad they did. Their support and guidance have forced me to really look at Theo and come up with a character sketch for him. I think this sketch should help me move forward on writing some scenes and filling in backstory. (Some of you know Theo already. This sketch might help you know him even better, too.)

Theo is...
A 40-year-old male.
About 6 feet tall.
An anesthesiologist.
A sports fanatic.
A man his colleagues go to for answers.
A skilled archer.
A lover of nature and the outdoors.
A horrible communicator.
A wiseass.
A lovable father.

He has...
Thick, dark brown hair.
Greenish eyes.
Strong but wiry arms.
Long legs.
A straight nose.
Clear, olive skin.
A tight back end.
A confidence in himself that other people envy.

He believes...
That women can do anything as well as men can, if they're both trained for the job.
That his wife shouldn't be the breadwinner of the household.
That his children are the best kids in all the world.
That he would have had another child had his wife said it was okay.
That he is attractive and intelligent.
That abortion is a woman's choice.
That miracles do not exist.
That science cannot solve everything.

He doesn't believe...
In God or any other higher power.
That his wife is truly unhappy.
That he isn't the most attentive husband there is.
That he is wrong.
That his wife would intentionally hurt him.

He doesn't always see...
That his wife is overworked.
That the kids need more of his time.
The arrogance that threads through his words.
The reality of the situation.
The goodness in other people.
What needs to be done around the house.

He fears...
That global warming is a reality and life as we know it will cease to exist.
That earwigs will enter his home in droves and the bacteria in public restrooms.
That something will happen to his wife or the kids.
That he will not be able to care for his family.
That his wife does not love him.
That he is dying.

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Anonymous said...

Ew! I'm with Theo, absolutely terrified of droves of earwigs. They're sooo gross... and they want to come into my home.