Sunday, September 20, 2015

Well Hello There!

Some Sundays, you just need a good laugh. Thanks to Jimmy Fallon, we have one for this morning. (By the way, yesterday was Jimmy Fallon's birthday! So sorry to have missed it, man!)

Just in case you're younger than I am (this song was released in 1984!), here's the original video from Lionel Richie.

And, I can't take credit for this funniness. People magazine jumped on the bandwagon before I did. So, I guess I'm just a poseur.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Just for kicks, I watched the Lionel Richie video again (I hadn't this morning when I posted it) and was reminded how creepy the video is. Talk about inappropriate teacher conduct toward a student. And like any good person these days, I looked up "Lionel Richie Hello teacher student" online. I found this link, which I think you should visit.

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T said...

Omg. People must think I'm crazy as o sit here giggling at the airport.