Friday, September 18, 2015


Life can be hysterical sometimes. 

(Insert maniacal laughter here.)

I was looking around the blog the other day and found this post from May 15, aptly titled Summer Hopes. (Sure, go ahead and laugh again, FRN.) That date is the day before Mom and Dad came out for the girls' recital and ended up going home, after a trip to the ER here in Ohio. It's the day before Dad fell once he was back in Michigan. It's the day before a certain chain of events was set off by Dad falling. Dare I say it's the day before my summer took a turn for the worse?

I especially like this quote from that post: But this year, I'm armed. The girls are 13, Aaron is 10, and Melina will turn 7 in July. Not only do they have the maturity to be more helpful, but they have the strength. Which means five people getting things done around here should give us more time to do the fun things, like visiting metroparks, pools, and museums, or perhaps just sitting outside having a picnic. Our hours can be filled with more things to stimulate the mind than to make us bored, or at least that is the hope. And of course, I'm being selfish, too. I hope that I have a little more time to sit and write.

(Insert another round of maniacal laughter here.)

 Metroparks? Pools? Museums? Time to sit and write? Oh, that's right. I had so many plans back in May. Plans that didn't include being a caregiver, didn't include driving back and forth to Michigan too many times to count, didn't include the roller-coaster of emotions my folks have put my sisters and me through. Plans, shmans. We all know that life has other plans for us, right?

(Last round of laughter, I swear. Put it right here.)

If you get a chance, go back and read that post. (That's why I linked to it. Smart girl, aren't I?) And then laugh with me again. Because...

P.S. I want everyone to know that I would help out my folks again, even knowing that they won't listen to anything I have to say. Family first, right?


T said...

I want a redo on summer.

Christina said...

We're not going to get it. You know this.

Christina said...

And what are you saying? You didn't enjoy our time together? Sadly, that was the most fun I've had in a long time.