Tuesday, September 1, 2015


"It wasn't meant to be," Davy said, as I regaled him of the story of Vivian and me. He'd come by to grab lunch. We hadn't seen each other much over the summer. I pretty much worked the whole day, played sports, and spent time with Vivian. And he'd taken a class before heading off to see his Dad, in Norway. A few texts and emails had been exchanged, but I hadn't told Davy everything.
"I pushed too hard, I think. I wanted Vivian to be someone she wasn't." I plunged the straw into my Coke.
"Isn't that what you said about Cecilia? You wanted her to be someone else?"
Was it? "No, no. that's not fair. You're telling me I have a problem, and I don't really think I do. Cecilia...she was different. I spent far more time with her. I knew her. I was attracted to her for very different reasons than why I was attracted to Vivian."
"Are, Daniel. You are attracted to her."
"Whatever." I took a bite of my burger. If I had food in my mouth, perhaps Davy would stop asking questions.
"Okay, I can see you don't feel like hashing this out."
"No, I don't. I have better things to do, you know. I think I'm giving up girls entirely. At least for a while." I threw my napkin on the table. I really did have better things to do. Like think about graduation and what I wanted to do with my life.
"I'd love to see you do that, Daniel. Give up girls. Ha!" He shook salt onto his fries and slathered them with ketchup. "But I gotta know. Did you at least tap her?" His eyes twinkled and a grin spread across his face.
"Really? Davey. I'm not surprised that came out of your mouth, but I am surprised why it bothers me. Vivian was a nice girl. We had a good time. Some of the time."
"But with legs like those...how was she?"
"You're not going to let this rest, are you?" I said and glared at him. He dared me to answer. Maybe I should play with him a bit, but I couldn't summon the energy. "No, we didn't get that far. Not much more than some fumbling arms and legs. Seemed like she always wanted to go out in a group, come to think of it." Why hadn't I noticed that detail before?
"Well there you have it. She just wasn't that into you."
"Thank you, oh wise one. Or should I say wise ass? I don't think I was that into her, either. Because right now, I'm not sure I care that I won't see her again."
Davy's hand tapped the table. "Oh, but you will. She signed on for next fall, to work at the library."
My head whipped up to look at him. "How do you know this?"
Davy shifted in his seat and his eyes danced around the room, landing on everything except my face. I saw his adam's apple bob up and down. "She texted me."
"She texted you? I might not have been that into her, but what the hell?" Who does that to a friend?
A thought occurred to me. "You like her, don't you?"
"Does she like you?"
I didn't know what to say. It really didn't matter to me. Davy could have her. Vivian and I had had our fun. "Then go forth and prosper. And invite me to the wedding."
"Aw shit, Daniel. Really? Did you have to go that far?"
"Yes, Davy, I did."


Anonymous said...

Alright, you've got my attention... I need to know more!!

Christina said...

Someday, Bethany, someday...

Unknown said...

Seriously!? Tease a chapter or two.....