Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Way back when I first moved to Ohio, I met a woman I'll call Olive. We run in the same circles, but we've never been friends, per se. Over the years, she's contacted me when she's needed me: asking questions about kids, schools, or jobs. I remember a couple of times, she called to find out if I could watch her child for an hour or so because she had an appointment. Of course I said yes. I always said yes. I think she knew that I would; that's why she asked me.

The other day, while I was trolling (my favorite) Word Porn site, I found the statement below.

I realized two things after reading it. 1. While I don't expect to be given anything, relationships are usually reciprocal, and this woman has never given anything to me in return; and 2.  When I see this woman and I say, "How are you?" she replies with a simple, "Good." And then, keeps walking.

As I said, I wouldn't consider her a friend. And now I know that I probably never will.

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