Saturday, January 14, 2017


I've had a ton of fun taking writing prompts from over at S.B.'s website, and just yesterday, she'd posted the following: What's in a Title?

The labels under the post read: fill-in-the blank, new titles, one line and sci-fi, probably because the titles come from sci-fi books. Here's the list of titles to fill in...

A Brief History of __________.

The ______ My Destination.

Journey to the Center of _________.

The Invisible ________.

The _______ in the High _________.

______________ Player One.

The Moon is a Harsh ___________.

War of the _______.

____________ New World.

The ____________ Guide to ___________.

I decided to ignore the sci-fi non-requirement and filled the blanks in with a word that came from my week. Because I'd heard of all of these titles save two, it was somewhat hard to fill these blanks in...I kept wanting to go back to the original title!

A Brief History of Influenza.

The Call of My Destination.

Journey to the Center of a Rolo.

The Invisible Tattoo.

The Hottie in the High-Waist Jeans.

Assassinate Player One.

The Moon is a Harsh Pool Player.

War of the Americas.

Lit New World.

The Harlot's Guide to Anatomy.

I'd be curious to know what your answers would be to these titles. If you feel like sharing, please leave a comment! (And maybe, I'll get around to using these titles as actual writing prompts at some point...)


S.B. House said...

Hahahahaha... The Harlot's Guide to Anatomy!! That's hilarious :) Love all these titles, but I'd be particularly interested in learning what story could be titled Journey to the Center of a Rolo.

S.B. House said...

Here are mine:

A Brief History of Oz
The World of My Destination
Journey to the Center of a Dragon's Horde
The Invisible Rainbow
The Star in the High Galaxy
Exit Player One
The Moon is a Harsh Pill to Swallow
War of the Grasshoppers
Epic New World
The Historian's Guide to Time Travel