Friday, January 20, 2017

Other People's Words, II

Yesterday, I informed my four children that I am not against Republicans. After all, I want to raise them to make up their own mind, and to figure out what they believe in, after accessing the facts.

"I was raised by Republicans," I said. "I have voted for Republicans. While I do tend to lean toward the Democrat side of most issues, I don't have anything against Republicans, per se."

The kids looked at me and nodded.

"What I am against is a person like Trump."

But I have said before that sometimes, other people's words are better and more effective than mine. And in this case, John Pavlovitz does the job. If you haven't read his post yet, you can head on over there and do just that.

Me? I'll be sitting here, trying to figure out how to not shed a tear at noon today. So much is in the balance...

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