Thursday, February 2, 2017

Five Things

A year ago, or maybe two, I signed up to receive emails from Lunchbox Love. Yesterday was day 24 of the 2017 Family Kindness Challenge. The thought for the day?

I thought for a couple of moments because many times we do spend a lot of time preaching kindness to others, but it's so important to be kind to yourself. And being kind to yourself means recognizing all the characteristics about yourself that you like.

So, the question was, could I even find five things I like about myself?

I thought some more and decided that I didn't want to list something physical like, "the color of my eyes." Instead, I wanted to jot down non-physical characteristics. And let me tell you, the task is harder than you might think. I challenge you to try it.

Five Things I Like About Myself
1. My inordinate amount of common sense.
2. My ability to empathize.
3. My listening skills.
4. My diplomacy.
5. My patience.

I looked back over this list, by the way, and I guess I can see why I'm drawn toward mothering, teaching, and editing. I use all five of these characteristics on an almost daily basis.

By the way, the folks over at have given me permission to share their images, all of which have been put together by them.

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