Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Denim Conversation Ender

A couple of years back, I received a box of clothes from FRN. Apparently, she'd gotten them from a friend, who admitted that they were his girlfriend's. Well, they were his ex-girlfriend's clothes. She moved out and left much of her clothes; he attempted to a find good home for them.

I scored on that day. I found a sweater and some shirts, as well as a few pairs of jeans. One pair in particular I really like. In fact, I like this pair of jeans so much, I have thought about finding them and buying a pair at full-price.

That fact is big. I don't usually buy anything full-price, except for running shoes. And, I mainly head to Goodwill for my everyday clothes. So finding out where the jeans are sold and thinking about buying them? For more than the everyday Goodwill price of $3.99? Huge, I tell you.

Well, I'm not stupid. I know that jeans, for whatever reason, can be pricey. I have another pair of jeans (yes, from Goodwill) that originally came from the Gap. When I looked to see what a new pair of those would cost, I was hovering around $70, but I could get them at a discount rate with all the sales. Incidentally, I spent a fair bit of time at the Gap, trying on what I thought were similar jeans, none of which fit as well as the pair I spent less than five dollars on. Hence, I left the store empty-handed.

So back to my current jeans. They have a nice big tag on the bum that screams the label name. I Google it of course, and find that I can find them at Nordstrom. Uh-oh. And that most of the current versions of these jeans cost $142. Double uh-oh. Really? Over one hundred dollars for jeans. Denim. A fabric I wipe my hands on during the day.

No ma'am. No thank you.

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