Friday, March 28, 2014

Running and Ribbons

I love my family. I really do. Oh snap, didn't I say that already this week? Yes, yes, I did. But this time, I'm not talking about my parents. This time, I'm thinking of the four chatty kids, one forgetful husband, the whiny cat and the needy dog. I love these guys; I can't imagine life without them. They are fodder for good stories and the inspiration for this blog. But by golly, I need a break, a vacation if you will, from them. From all of them.

(Tim will balk at that statement and inquire whether or not he can go with me if, indeed, I were to schedule a vacation. And Tim? I'd normally say yes, but this time honey, I have to say no. Because I'm not really scheduling a vacation anywhere but in my mind. Because it is the beginning of a new quarter. Not a good time to go anywhere. And where would you all be without me?)

So my mind is open to jetting away, but my body can't quite do it. Instead, I say to myself, let's see about a "virtual vacation." If one Googles those exact words, one of the first hits that appears is this. I checked it out. Apparently this guy says he convinced his wife to spend some time with the Google Maps function for visiting the Eiffel Tower, the Pyramids of Egypt, and Venice, to name a few. Great, I thought, as my finger clicked on the mouse. Perhaps I can escape the insanity of my life for a few moments.

And like a book that has been adapted for the screen play and falls painfully short of its mark, so too, did my virtual vacation. I didn't care that I could see the streets of Paris, or the blue skies of Egypt. I couldn't hear the honk of the cars or the heat of the humid air. Even with my creative writer brain, I had trouble transporting myself to that world.

I need the real thing and I can't seem to get it right now. Just typing those words means that I'm hovering on the brink of the blues, something that most likely can be fixed (oddly enough) with sunshine, a step-up in running, and my striped fleece. The rays of sun might be hard to come by today (it's like monsoon out there right now) and my fleece is out somewhere in the world (hope it's having a great time), but I'm pretty sure I can find the time to put a few extra miles in and look for something else to substitute for the fleece.

Vacation? Who really needs one of those? You'll find me on the jogging path. I'll be the one dressed in black with a pink ribbon in my hair.


Kelsey said...

May I suggest sewing some sort of GPS into your fleece when it finds its way back to you?

Hope it dries out soon!

Christina said...

That is a perfect thing to do, Kelsey! Hope you had a great time away.