Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Facts About Twins

I sat down this morning to read a nice little article on twins. It gave a few facts that some people might not realize about people who came from the same womb. Twelve years and some change into being the mother of identical twins--coupled with my science background--I already knew many of these facts. But the article, of course, got me thinking. About all the things other people might not realize, unless you're the mom of twins.

1. People will look at you with pity when they say, "Boy you've got your hands full!"
2. Other people will exclaim, "I've always wanted twins! Aren't you lucky!"
3. Identical twins can look a lot alike.
4. Identical twins can look completely different.
5. People will assume, incorrectly, that you underwent IVF.
6. With twins, it is always a party. ALWAYS.
7. Twins often eat together, sleep together, and poop together. (I stole that from the receptionist at the Multiples Clinic back in 2002).
8. You often speak in terms of "they" instead of "him" or "her" and you don't even know you are doing it most of the time.
9. Twins have a really good knack for asking the same question at the same time.
10. Despite what everyone thinks--that it would be hard for one person to handle two babies and establish a good bond with each of them--I think we successfully did it.

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