Friday, March 7, 2014

Weather Reports

As most of you are aware, we here in Southern Ohio have had a very cold winter. In fact, those words really don't do justice to the level of cold that we've seen here. The temperatures were the worst I've experienced here, and while I've only lived in this area for ten years, I come from MICHIGAN. Some of the temperatures were cold even for the region of that lovely state from which I come.

Well, because I like to dress appropriately for running, I listen to and/or check the weather forecast each morning. Twice in the past two weeks, by one meteorologist in particular, I've heard something similar to this on the radio:
Partly cloudy in the morning, full sun by the afternoon. Chilly, with a high of 40.
What the heck? Chilly? After we've crawled out of the depths of despair, where we hovered at -19 degrees, you dare to call a high of 40 chilly?

I thought it was a one-time deal, but she did it again, yesterday. Has she already forgotten how gosh-darn frigid it was not but a few weeks ago? Seriously? A high of 40, at least to me this winter, is cause for celebration.And today? A high of 53 degrees? You just might find me naked in a bikini in the middle of the street. (God help us all if that happens.)

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