Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A New Best Friend?

Many years ago now, Tim fell in love.

Well, I'm not sure it was love, but it certainly was like. And I'm not talking about me. Although I can't remember exactly when this incident happened, I'm pretty sure we were already married. Or maybe not. Either way, love wasn't an issue of ours at that time. (Hold on there, that sentence makes it sound like love is an issue now. It's not! I mean, we still love one another and we have no plans for ditching each other. Okay, back to the real story.)

No, Tim fell for a dog named Jake. He was a rather enormous Great Dane we met at a booth outside a St. Louis pet store -- the sort of booth the local shelter sets up with the hope that people will come and adopt a dog. Tim would have adopted that dog in a heart beat, but we lived in an apartment, we were gone all day, and oh yeah, we did not live in St. Louis. We were in Ann Arbor at the time. Getting that dog back home would have been uncomfortable, to say the least.

From time to time, though, Tim will reminisce and say, "Remember that dog Jake? The Great Dane?" Tim doesn't even need to add Great Dane to his words, but he does. Every time. Because of course I remember that dog. How can I forget a dog that put his front paws up on Timmy the moment he met him? How can I forget a dog that was taller than I was, but seemed just as gentle. We didn't get the chance to know him, but in my mind, he was Marmaduke in the flesh.

Our neighborhood has been graced by the presence of a lovely Great Dane, and each time I see him, I think of Jake. I mentioned him to Tim this morning, who until now, hasn't seen him. The whole conversation got me thinking of Great Danes, and dog adoption, and how really, I'd like another dog to come along before our wonderful Shadow moves on to the Great Beyond (he's fine, really, but he does turn 10 this year!). And soon enough, I found myself keying in Great Dane Rescue.

What did I find?  This:

That's a picture of Ivy and she needs a home. My kids think she needs our home, and I just might agree with them.

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Kelsey said...

I am happy to support this endeavor... even though Michael may only wave from the street from now on! :-)