Thursday, April 24, 2014

Living Tall

My driver's license states that I am five feet one inch tall. I told the BMV that number back when I moved here, because to be truthful, I didn't know how tall I was. Despite having gone to the doctor regularly for check-ups my entire life, it had been years since someone measured me, and sometimes, the nurse just asked. I always replied what I thought: five foot one.

But I always felt taller. Seriously. (And I realize that tall here is really relative.)

Last week, my friend told me that her doctor had informed her that she was just taller than five feet -- three-quarters of an inch over that, to be exact.

"If you're that tall, and I'm taller than you, then I must be taller than what I think I am." I turned to my other friend. "You're taller than me. How tall are you?"

"I think I'm five foot three, or I used to be," she said.

I looked back and forth from one face to another and realized that maybe I had felt taller than five foot one because I was taller than that! Oh could it be?

So last night, I had Tim measure me. I figured the guy who can design a laser and explain physics to a baby (and the baby will understand it) can measure how tall his wife is. And sure enough, in the company of witnesses, Tim said, "It looks like you're five feet two and a half inches, almost."

I've been trying to live tall my entire adult life and by golly, I already was tall.


Unknown said...

I think you are taller than me and I keep saying I am 5'1" - I need to measure myself :) I feel like maybe I am actually even shorter than that

Christina said...

I do think I'm taller than you, but it is perfectly possible that you are 61 inches. What I'd like to do, for one day, is be over 6 feet. Just one day of it...see how the other half lives!