Saturday, April 5, 2014

Twitterpated (Not)

I signed up for Twitter a while back. I wanted to stay more informed about the elementary school, plus, I thought I better try to immerse myself in other forms of social media if I want to be a writer. A real writer, one who has authored novels and such.

But I remembered recently why I don't check Twitter that often. Here's why:
  1. Some people tweet often, meaning too often. I don't need to have my list clogged by mundane items of their lives. Don't you have writing or something else to do?
  2. Some people actually tout that they are the "most followed X" and therefore, I should listen to them. Um, no.
  3. The whole setup makes me realize that Twitter really is another "look at me, I'm so special, this is my life, and it's all about me." It's not all about you! It's about FRN. Get with the program.
I'll be there on Twitter, but not that often.


T said...

Damn skippy!

Tanstaafl said...

What is FRN? - clueless